Everyone has the right to use Helsinki University Library. Persons over the age of 15 who live in Finland and have valid photographic proof of identity (passport, identity card, Finnish driving licence) have the right to borrow material, and those who have a user ID for the University of Helsinki information systems have the right to use electronic materials remotely.

A card can be granted to persons over the age of 15 who present an official ID and have a valid street address in Finland. A post-office box, poste restante address or an address abroad are not acceptable addresses. Exchange students or visiting scholars may get a library card even though they do not meet all of the requirements above.

The first Helka card is free of charge, but for a lost card there is a replacement fee of €5.

If you are a University of Helsinki student or staff, you need to activate your customer information first in the Helka database by signing in with your Helsinki University user credentials. Your library card will be ready for pick-up in the next working day after you have done the activation. You can pick up your card from any Helsinki University Library location during customer service hours. Please remember to bring an official ID card.

If you have an old UniCard/Lyyra card with a barcode starting 210 (a student card issued by the Student Union of the University of Helsinki or a University of Helsinki staff card), it can be activated as a library card. New student cards issued by the Frank Students service cannot be activated as a library card.

If you are not University of Helsinki member (no university user credentials), order a library card by using the online form, and once the card is ready for you, bring a photo ID with you to the library's customer service desk and pick up the card from your chosen Helsinki University Library location.

No. Only a Helka card or a University of Helsinki UniCard/Lyyra card can be used in Helsinki University Library.

Call the service number of Helsinki University Library (02941 23920, during library customer service hours) or send an email to the address library@helsinki.fi, and we will suspend your library card. You can also report your card as lost in the nearest University of Helsinki campus library. If you later find your card, you must go to the library to show your ID and the library card, and the card will be reactivated. If you do not find the card, a new one costs €5. If you have reported your card as stolen to the police, you will get a new card free of charge. You must present the police report when you come to collect your new card.

Go to the nearest Helka library and present your Helka card and ID at the customer service desk, and we will unblock your card.

Send an email to library@helsinki.fi quoting your library card number and explain that you have forgotten the PIN code. We will send you a text message with a new code to the phone number already associated with your account. If you have not provided a phone number in your user account, you need to call the library service number or visit the customer service desk to show an ID document.

First, check that you have the correct email address in Helka's customer information. 

Make sure you have subscribed to a new login link and are not using any old one. The login link is only valid for a limited time. 

Signing in works best when 

  • The login link is subscribed and opened on the same device and the same browser. 
  • It doesn't take too long between subscribing and opening the link. 
  • You use the link in the latest message sent by Helka. 

The login link may not work if: 

  • The link is subscribed into a different e-mail address than the one in your account in Helka. 
  • The link is subscribed by a different device than the one on which the login is attempted. 
  • A significant amount of time has passed between ordering and opening the link. 
  • The link is opened from an older email sent by Helka and not the latest one. 
  • Your device switches between wireless network and a mobile data connection or vice versa (in which case the device's IP number changes).

No. As a member of the University of Helsinki your contact information in Helka is automatically updated from the background systems of the University of Helsinki. So, please notify university services (eg Oodi/Sisu/SAP) of any changes in your contact information.

If you are not a university member (do not have university user credentials), you must always report a change of address to the library. The easiest way to do it is to update your profile information in the Helka database. You can also report it to the customer service desk of the nearest Helsinki University Library (during library customer service hours).

The details stored in the Helka customer register include, for example, your contact information, personal identity code and loan information. This information is stored for three years from the date of the latest transaction if you do not have any outstanding obligations to the library (e.g., loans or fees).

Employees of the Helka libraries have the right to process customer information when it is necessary in order to provide you with services. Such situations are, for example, loan transactions, rectification of customer details and sending out reminders.