FAQ: Courses, workshops and training

Frequently asked questions on training, courses and workshops provided by the library.
I am a stu­dent at the Open University of the University of Helsinki. Can I par­ti­cip­ate in train­ing or­gan­ised by the library?

Yes, you may attend training courses open to all customers free of charge.

I am a stu­dent on Viikki Cam­pus. Can I at­tend courses on other cam­puses?

Yes, you can attend library courses open to all customers on all campuses.

I teach a sem­inar and I would like to in­clude in my course some teach­ing on infor­mation seek­ing – how should I go about it? Is the train­ing sub­ject to a fee?

First familiarise yourself with the library’s course offerings and online learning materials. Can you find study materials there that you could incorporate into your course?

If you do not find suitable course or study materials, please contact the library so that we can discuss the options.

The training is free of charge to University staff and students.