Remote access to electronic resources
University students and staff can access online materials acquired by Helsinki University Library off-campus via remote access.
Re­mote ac­cess via the Lib­rar­y's search services

You can use the Helsinki University Library books, articles and journals remotely via Helka with your University of Helsinki user account.

When you have found the material you want, click on the link to the material in Helka. If a window opens requesting you to log in to the University of Helsinki, enter your username and password to access the material.

You may find a book or article in the collections of the Helsinki University Library elsewhere online, but the material may not open without authentication with the university user account.

Re­mote ac­cess through a VPN con­nec­tion

Alternatively, you can remotely access the Helsinki University Library data using a VPN connection. You can find instructions on installing and using VPN in the IT Center website.

If you use the OpenVPN service, select the OpenVPN uh-vpn-allroute option that allows you to access e-materials. With the OpenVPN uh-vpn-helsinkifi-only option, you will not be able to access library's e-materials.