Kaisa House is open on Sundays 15.9.-1.12.

The Main Library will be open from 11 am to 5 pm on Sundays between 15.9.-1.12.2019, with the exception of the weekend during All Saints Day (2.-3.11.), when the whole building will be closed.

Entrance on Sundays is from Fabianinkatu or by lift from Kaisaniemenkatu (1st floor) or by lift from Helsinki University metro station (floor K1).

On Sundays Kaisa House will function as a self-service library

The collections and facilities are available to customers on floors 2-7, basement floors K3 and K4 are closed. The customer service on the 3rd floor is closed.

You can pick up your reservations as self-service from the open shelves at the service desk. Should you have problems with using the library or the self-service facilities, phone service will be available.

In case you need a guest login to the University network, you are advised to acquire it earlier in the week.