Urbaria Forum: What the Urban?!

What the Urban is our city about? What does smart city even mean? Is urban agriculture more than just community gardens? Are our cities fair and just?
You are warmly welcomed to participate in discussing some of the key urban issues of our time on Monday 27th May 14-16 Think Corner.

Perspectives from academia and beyond

We have now entered the “Urban Age” when over 50% of the global population now live in cities. This is unprecedented in human history and will generate significant social, environmental, technological and economic challenges. Hot topics for urban areas at the moment include smart cities agendas, urban inequality and justice and urban food supply. At the Urbaria Forum “What The URBAN?!” multiple perspectives on these three themes will be presented from both academic and practice-based speakers.

When: Monday 27.5. 14-16

Where: Stage, Think Corner

1. Smart City 

Ageing in a Smart City, Tiina Suopajärvi (University of Tampere)

Civic engagement and technology in a smart city, Titiana-Petra Ertiö (University of Helsinki)

2. Just City 

From San Juan to Helsinki: Occupying abandoned spaces to co-create a city, Dalia Milián Bernal (University of Tampere)

The just city must be collectively realised: Collaborative shaping for inclusive urban environments, Arvind Ramachandran (architect, urban designer and activist)

Cafe Damascus, Hanan Sneih

3. Food City

Urban food initiatives - a comparative overview across Nordic countries, Prof. Bodo Steiner (University of Helsinki)

Green City Farming in Finland, Jarmo Åke (Education Technology Development Manager, Perho Culinary, Tourism & Business College)

New urban food networks built on restaurants' ecosystems, Terhi Suvilehto (Circular Economy Specialist, Perho Culinary, Tourism & Business College)

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