New assistant professor in Swedish-language geography, Venla Bernelius, wants to boost Nordic teaching cooperation

DPhil Venla Bernelius has been appointed to a five-year tenure-track position of assistant professor in Swedish-language geography.

Venla Bernelius is an urban geographer and has studied the dynamics of regional segregation in cities extensively, along with issues relating to education and migration. At the moment, Bernelius’ research focuses on segregation and its social implications. In her doctoral dissertation, Bernelius studied the reflections of the socio-economic and ethnic segregation of districts on the learning results and the equal opportunities of pupils in Helsinki’s comprehensive schools. Together with European and national multidisciplinary research groups, she has also studied how highly educated immigrants live in European cities as well as the regional impacts of education.

European cooperation and its development are also Bernelius’ primary interests in her duties as assistant professor.

– My goal is to boost the status of geography especially in education as well as the links between Finnish research and European debate.

In addition to international connections, Bernelius wants to emphasise the significance of Swedish-language instruction in the field of geography.

– University teaching has always been my passion. My vision is to develop Swedish-language teaching and research connections while strengthening Nordic teaching cooperation.”

Since 2014, Bernelius has served as university lecturer in urban geography at the University of Helsinki, with a particular interest in developing the connections between research and teaching. In addition to her research and teaching work, Bernelius works closely with a variety of political institutions to develop the educational system and to model the need for support in schools, while serving as chair of the Geographical Society of Finland.

Contact information

Assistant Professor Venla Bernelius
Department of Geosciences and Geography
Helsinki Institute of Urban and Regional Studies (Urbaria)
University of Helsinki
p. +358-41 530 7369
p. +358-2941 50784