Keynote by Professor Ted Schatzki: The Trajectories of a Life

Join DECARBON-HOME research consortium for the online keynote by Professor Ted Schatzki on Wednesday 29.9. at 15.00

DECARBON-HOME research consortium is happy to invite you to follow an online keynote “The Trajectories of a Life” by Ted Schatzki, professor of geography, sociology and philosophy, on Wednesday 29.9 at 15.00-16.00. 

Link to the online keynote

Schatzki’s research interests lie in theorizing social life, and he is widely associated with a stream of thought called practice theory that is active today in a range of social disciplines, including geography, sociology, organizational studies, education, anthropology, international relations, and history.  He is the author of five books: Social Practices (1996), The Site of the Social (2002), Martin Heidegger: Theorist of Space (2007), The Timespace of Human Activity (2010), and Social Change in a Material WorlCopyd (2019)

Read more about his work here.

Ted Schatzki is one of the Scientific Advisory Board members of the DECARBON-HOME consortium.


Decarbon-Home provides research excellence in the intertwined and ongoing climate-related and social challenges which necessitate a major transition in the Finnish housing system. In the project, we analyze the housing system challenges from environmental, technical and social science silos to form a comprehensive understanding and create novel, human-centred solutions to climate-wise housing, especially via renovations.