Remaking Networks Workshop 5.-6.4.2022

The workshop, facilitated by Alison Powell and Annelie Berner, outlines some insights from the JUST AI project, which used social networking methods to map research related to data and AI ethics.

Remaking Networks: A workshop for creating interdisciplinary relationships in research


Alison Powell, Associate Professor

London School of Economics and Political Science

JUST AI Network on Data and AI Ethics

Tuesday 5th April: 15.00 - 17.00 (in person workshop)

Wednesday 6th of April: 15:00-16:00 (zoom presentation)

This workshop builds on the research and interventions developed through the JUST AI Network, which has been focused on mapping and intervening in the practice of data and AI ethics research within and beyond the UK. Building on theory and practice from social network analysis as we well as feminist methods, JUST AI has created a set of interventions and strategic workshops that use practices of network-creation, reflection and connection to investigate and create opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration and shared decision-making regarding organizational values.

The ‘network’ has become a common metaphor for social and intellectual relationships. Research efforts to build ‘networks’ have often implicitly been based on notions of linkage, interconnection or proximity, sustained with reference to techniques like social network analysis. However, other models of network building may also be possible, and these may open spaces of interdisciplinary engagement in new ways.

This workshop, facilitated by Alison Powell and Annelie Berner, outlines some insights from the JUST AI project, which used social networking methods to map research related to data and AI ethics, to identify gaps and to create opportunities to transform topics, ways of working and ethical considerations. See: Mapping AI and data ethics | Ada Lovelace Institute

The workshop is organised in participation with the HSSH Methodological Unit.


The workshop will include both a hands-on (in-person) workshop on Tuesday the 5th of April followed by a public presentation (online) on Wednesday, 6th of April.

The main portion of the hands-on (in-person) workshop employs the JUST AI ‘reflection prototype’ – a survey and visualization tool that seeks to create connections ‘from the inside out.’  See: JUST AI reflection prototype | Ada Lovelace Institute

Participants will be asked to complete the reflection tool survey before the workshop and will be guided through prompts, drawing exercises and collaborative engagement to identify opportunities for ethical reflection and interdisciplinary collaboration. 

The full workshop including presentation and exercises should take approximately 2 hours, not counting the time to complete the survey prior to the event.


To sign up for the workshop please send an email to Please use “Remaking Networks Workshop” in the subject-line of your email.

As we have limited spaces available, if you are interested in attending the hands-on (in person) part of the workshop, please also indicate the type of research you are doing and the reasons why you are interested in participating in the in-person workshop. The selected participants will be notified on March 28th, 2022.

The workshop is especially suitable for researchers interested in interdisciplinary research.


Alison Powell is Associate Professor in Media and Communications at the London School of Economics and Political Science and the Principal Investigator on the JUST AI project, which maps and intervenes in the practice of data and AI ethics research. She is also the author of Undoing Optimization: Civic Action in Smart Cities (Yale University Press, 2021). Her research explores ethics, values and practice in relation to emerging technologies. 

Annelie Berner is a designer and artistic researcher who creates work at the intersection of science, experiential design and data representation. She collaborated with Alison on the VIRT-EU project between 2016 and 2020 and on the JUST AI project.

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