Join the network! - HSSH invites research groups to develop institute´s activities

Multidisciplinary research groups have a decisive role building the institute.

The mission of Helsinki institute for Social Sciences and Humanities is to support multidisciplinary research networks, facilitate cooperation between research groups and advance methodological innovations.  

Turning these goals action, working research groups are in a decisive role. That´s why HSSH is now inviting research groups (as groups) to affiliate to the HSSH network. By answering  a questionnaire,  active research groups can be affiliated with the network.

Why should your research group be part of the HSSH network?

HSSH wants to help research groups to engage in discussions about methodologies and usage of different kinds of data, strengthen international contacts and support the emergence of new groups. 

The institute is planning to produce for a series of workshops that supports ongoing projects and bring groups together to solve up-to-date questions. Affiliated groups can also present their ideas for visiting researchers and speakers. 

Later this year HSSH will also open calls for targeted resources to support new innovations and emerging research topics and invent other ways of supporting SSH-research.

For more information:

Risto Kunelius, director:, 040-190-4085 

Pekka Mäkelä, coordinator:, 0294129271