HSSH’s visit to Aalto Studios at Aalto University

HSSH organized a visit in mid-June to see the status of VR and behavioral experiment technology at Aalto University.

HSSH’s Project Planner Pentti Henttonen organized a visit on 12th of June, 2024 for benchmarking contemporary VR and behavioral experiment technology at Aalto, namely MAGICS and DAVE. We also visited Marsio, an impressive and open meeting place in its final stages of completion, which will be inaugurated in Otaniemi in September.

MAGICS is an infrastructure and a community for science and art related to socially sustainable digitalization and virtualization with new XR technologies and AI solutions accelerating transformation towards a virtual world.

DAVE is a new dynamic environment for behavioral measurement in Aalto Behavioral Laboratory, a room resembling VR environment with 180 degree visual angle.

Henttonen coordinates HSSH’s Interlab, which is a laboratory at the City Centre Campus of the University of Helsinki, dedicated to multimodal individual and interpersonal research in situ or in the field. The purpose of the Aalto visit was to get acquainted with the facilities provided in another university and the possibilities of future collaboration.

It was discussed that more effective collaboration would benefit researchers and research projects, as it doesn’t always make sense to acquire overlapping equipment for each individual project, faculty or university separately.

“During the visit we got a good picture of the current status of the technology available for researchers today. When complex technology develops, it becomes more accessible to scholars from all fields, including the social sciences and humanities,” Henttonen says.


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