HSSH Visiting Professor concept aims to support international research networks

Helsinki Institute for Social Sciences and Humanities (HSSH) is introducing a Visiting Professor programme in 2022–2025.

The mission of Helsinki Institute for Social Sciences and Humanities (HSSH) is to support multidisciplinary research, cross-faculty cooperation and methodological development at the City Center Campus. The visiting professor programme is part of the HSSH/PROFI6 project that focuses specifically on the challenges and opportunities of datafication.

– We want this program to support visits that will benefit many different research groups. Concrete plans for cooperation, such as publications and research projects, are also good grounds for an application, says Professor Risto Kunelius who leads Helsinki Institute for Social Sciences and Humanities.

HSSH invites proposals for Visiting/Guest Professor positions in 2022–2025 in two categories, Visiting Professor for the Datafication Research Initiative and Open Call for Visiting Professor in all HSSH-related research.

The Datafication Research Initiative is seeking Visiting Professor candidates that help to strengthen the programme agenda and build long term cooperation, enhance institutional networks, facilitate other academic mobility, take part in mentoring students, and enable joint funding applications and publications.

– The 3-year Visiting Professors in the Datafication Research Initiative will help us build stronger relationships with other institutes in the field, Risto Kunelius says.

The Open Call for all HSSH-affiliated research fields is seeking Visiting Professors that will catalyze research group cooperation inside the University of Helsinki by serving more than one research group, enhance interdisciplinary debates and help.

– Most important in an application is a good guest and a preliminary plan of implementation. We’ll negotiate the final plan and stimulus package together with the applicants after selections are made.

HSSH-affiliated scholars and research groups can invite leading scholars in their fields to visit Helsinki for a minimum period of two weeks per year, present in the campus. The deadline for the first round of proposals is March 18, 2022.

– This is a first round of applications, and we wish for applicants to contact us with a low threshold and ask for specifications, Risto Kunelius adds.

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