HSSH is looking for Research Programme Directors to study the possibilities and problems of datafication in society

Research Programme Directors will build the research activities of the newly established interdisciplinary institute.

Helsinki Institute for Social Sciences and Humanities is looking for three part-time Research Programme Directors (50%). The positions are filled for a fixed term starting no later than 1.9.2021 onwards.

Research Programme Directors will become members of the leading team of the research initiative Datafication of Society and SSH Research. This programme brings together a multidisciplinary community of scholars to tackle the emerging potentials and problems of datafication. In addition to research, the task of programme directors is to promote interdisciplinary cooperation within the University of Helsinki.

HSSH is looking for senior researchers (professor, associate professor, university lecturer or university researcher/senior researcher level) whose work focuses on a specific aspect of datafication of society and SSH-research. A successful applicant already has clear research merits and a research group working on this field.

Research Programme Directors will work as a member of a strategic research initiative (part of UH PROFI6 Academy of Finland profiling action) in a newly established, developing research network and scholarly community.

In the application, the applicants should present their vision of the research and methodological issues, problems and opportunities related to datafication that they would concentrate on as Research Programme Director.

Helsinki institute for Social Sciences and Humanities is a joint unit of the Faculty of Arts, Educational Sciences, Law, Theology and Social Sciences, as well as the Swedish School of Social Sciences (SSKH), the Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies (HCAS) and the Doctoral School in Humanities and Social Sciences (HYMY). 

Deadline for applications is 15th of June 2021.
Read the application instructions.

Further information about the positions may be obtained from professor Risto Kunelius, Director of Helsinki Institute for Social Science and Humanities.
risto.kunelius@helsinki.fi, tel. +358401904085