HSSH Catalyst Grant 2023 Call Open Now

The yearly HSSH Catalyst Grant call is open – send your application by 11.11.2022!

The mission of the Helsinki Institute for Social Sciences and Humanities (HSSH) is to enhance methodological development, build new research infrastructures and support multidisciplinary research networks at the University of Helsinki. One element in this work is the HSSH Catalyst Grant, a yearly round of open support for research groups at the City Centre Campus. The call for the HSSH Catalyst Grant 2023 is now open and the deadline for applications is November 11th, 2022.

The Catalyst Grant provides modest but strategical support to existing and emerging research groups. Groups can apply support for a variety of needs, ideas and cooperative initiatives. These may, for instance, include support for:

· acquiring necessary technological devices and systems that support the shared research infrastructure at UH, particularly in the City Centre Campus,

· collecting new data that benefits several research initiatives,

· enabling wider and sustainable use of infrastructures that have been developed organically in research groups (e.g. data, software)

· initiating innovative and cooperative projects that open new insights, relationships and aim at publishing such ideas,

· building new national and international networks.

We also encourage applicants to suggest ideas other than the ones sketched above. The evaluation process pays attention to range of criteria: testing and developing new ideas, reaching for multidisciplinarity, the feasibility of suggested action, and promise of added value for other researchers in the SSH field (beyond the applying research group).




All existing and emerging research groups working in the field of Social Sciences and Humanities at the City Centre Campus can apply for the support. The PI of the application must be affiliated to one of the partner units of HSSH (Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Faculty of Social Sciences, Faculty of Education, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Theology, Swedish School of Social Sciences, Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies).

Primarily, this support is directed to initiatives that enforce multidisciplinary networking, co-operation between UH research groups or initiating new research groups. Several research groups are encouraged to apply together for shared purposes.


Application instructions


Applications will consist of

· a short description of the supported action,

· a clear description of the added value that this support would provide,

· a detailed plan for the costs, execution of the action, and time-table,

· a short (max 50 words) public description of the initiative, to be published on the HSSH website if funded.


Please note that

· all salary costs must include 30 % employer side costs,

· for acquired equipment the maximum limit is 10 000 €,

· all funding must be used before November 30, 2023.


The maximum amount of the grant is 15 000 €. Funding decisions may be lower than the applied amount.

The deadline for the 2023 HSSH Catalyst Grant applications is November 11th, 2022. Decision for the 2023 grants will be prepared by a working group led by the director of HSSH. Funding decision will be announced on December 15th, 2022.

Fill the application form here.


Multidisciplinary research groups have a decisive role in building the institute. If your research group is not (yet) affiliated to HSSH, we ask you to do that by filling out the HSSH research group mapping survey.


Further inquiries: HSSH Risto Kunelius, risto.kunelius@helsinki.fi, 040-1904085 (you can leave an SMS request for calling back).


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