Cloud-C Workshop in Berlin

Transnational research network Cloud-C organized a two-day workshop at the Weizenbaum Institute in Berlin.

Cloud-C is a transnational research network and infrastructure developed by HSSH to study mediated climate politics in social media. This network consists of a team of over 20 from around the world collectively working on the same large-scale dataset collected from Twitter about two pivotal events related to climate change debates: Cop26 and Cop27 environmental summits.

The workshop took place over two days in April at the Weizenbaum Institute in Berlin, Germany. It was co-organized under the guidance of HSSH Visiting Professor, PI for Networked Society at the Weizenbaum Institute Barbara Pfetsch. Attendees included HSSH's Risto Kunelius, Matti Pohjonen, Juho Pääkkönen and Dayei Oh.

The first day involved sharing results from the ongoing analysis of the Twitter data, discussing different research approaches, methodologies developed and what’s been learned so far. The second day focused on planning future steps. This included talks on how to expand the data collection to cover newer discussions, improve analysis methods, and increase teamwork among the researchers as well as potential collaborative publications.

“It was exciting to meet with such a diverse network of research teams from around the world each dealing with data and methodology challenges in often unique yet overlapping ways,” Pohjonen said. 

This workshop not only served as a platform for sharing knowledge and refining research strategies but also strengthened the collaborative ties between the researchers involved. By continuing to analyze how climate change is discussed in the digital sphere, the Cloud-C network aims to contribute significantly to understanding and influencing the discourse around environmental policy and action.

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