The academic leadership and career planning course continues - Apply now!

The pilot course was a success. The upcoming academic leadership course will be available for bigger group of researchers.

Helsinki institute for Social Sciences and Humanities (HSSH) and HYMY -doctoral school offer an interdisciplinary academic leadership and career planning course. The course is targeted to post-doctoral researchers who are launching their independent researcher career after earning the PhD. and building their own research group.

The pilot course held on semester 2020–2021 was a success. The organizers received valuable feedback from participants to develop the course. For the upcoming semesters, the organizers are planning of enrolling two groups (each 10–12 participants) of participants so that the upcoming course would be available for bigger group of researchers of social sciences and humanities. Read participants’ thoughts about pilot the course in Finnish.

Tools for better leadership and research

The purpose of the academic leadership and career planning course is to help researchers to develop their leaderships skills and strategic planning of research themes. Furthermore, the course provides help for assembling a good research group, and to take full use of the research services and infrastructure of the University of Helsinki.

During the course, the group will discuss for instance career trajectories, strategic mapping of research horizons, project management, social impact issues and publication strategies, data management, and research ethics. Guest speakers will link these practical matters to discussing the larger thematic horizons of social sciences and humanities, such as well-being, climate change challenges, datafication, security, and cultural interaction. An attempt will be made to highlight themes according to researchers’ personal research interests.

Read the application instructions form the website of HSSH and fill the application.

Deadline for applications is August 20, 2021 15:00. Apply now!