Academic leadership and career planning course (ACLA) 2023-2024

The course has been a success and will be arranged again in the upcoming academic year. Send your application now!

Coordinators: Risto Kunelius, Pekka Mäkelä, Kirsi Pyhältö

The fourth edition of Academic leadership and career planning course (ACLA) is now open for applicants. This course is targeted to post-doctoral researchers who are launching their independent researcher career and are thinking about building their own research group. This course will help you to:

  • conceptualise and develop your own career trajectory/horizon for the coming 5 years
  • plan how to build your own research group and learn academic leadership skills
  • map out opportunities and schedules for research funding
  • build multidisciplinary networks inside UH
  • learn to make full use of the UH research services and infrastructure

We will discuss career planning and trajectories, strategic mapping of research horizons, funding opportunities/challenges, building and leading a research group, project management, social impact issues and publication strategies, data management and research ethics. Guest speakers will link these practical matters to discussing the larger thematic horizons of social sciences and humanities, such as well-being, climate change challenges, datafication, security, cultural interaction. We will provide a constructive, interdisciplinary work environment and wide range for expertise to support your efforts. For insights from last year participants, see:

Approximately 15-20 participants will be enrolled, representing a wide disciplinary range of social sciences and humanities, across all faculties of the City Centre Campus. The course will convene in six sessions (Fridays: 10-15) over the academic year. Workshop days are: October 13, November 17, December 15, February 2, March 15, and April 12.

Participants should make sure that they are able to commit to these dates. There will also be some short assignments between the workshop days. Between the workshops, participants will work on drafting a portfolio that brings together their research trajectory, merits and plans.

For early May (2024) we are planning excursion to Brussels to learn about European science policy and funding opportunities.

For the application, you need the following documents

  • short CV
  • list of 5 of your recent publications
  • (one page) abstract of your ongoing research project
  • short application letter, letting us know what kind of questions and challenges you think you need support and help with.

Deadline for applications is September 10, 2023 15:00.

Apply through this link:


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