3.11. HSSH Lecture by Ville Ilmarinen: Challenges of meta-analysis

A lecture on the challenges of meta-analysis is held by Ville Ilmarinen on 3.11. at 10.15-11.45 in Language Centre room 105.

Challenges of meta-analysis (Nov. 3rd klo 10:15-11:45) by Ville Ilmarinen, covering themes such as

  • Can meta-analysis offer a better answer to a research question compared to methods such as multi-lab studies or extensive replication?
  • Commensurability of effect sizes
  • Diversity of study designs: apples vs. oranges?
  • Publication bias and file drawer effect: Examining the limitations of methods to identify and correct these biases.

The lecture is part of a workshop series. The workshop part has concluded and the final lecture is open for everyone, no sign up required.

The lecture is held at Language Centre (Kielikeskus) room 105.

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