Data Clinic

Do you have valuable data for Digital Humanities research, but do not know how to deal with it technically?

HELDIG Data Clinic supports DH researchers at University of Helsinki struggling with data-related problems by providing free consultation sessions and matchmaking services for the HELDIG Community. Perhaps there is a computer science team around looking for new challenges and collaborations that in your case data could provide, or perhaps your problem can be solved easily by a cunning IT nerd? Different groups at HELDIG are building and maintaining infrastructures for Digital Humanities research that could be helpful in your case, and HELDIG is building collaborations with DARIAH, the EU level DH infrastructure framework.

If you need face-to-face consultation, please send an email to suggesting two time-slots for a meeting with a HELDIG data specialist, and a short description of your problem. We will arrange the consultation meeting with an appropriate specialist.

Are you a student in Digital Humanities and working on your Master's or PhD thesis? Are you struggling with data-related issues? Join the Corpus Clinic, a course jointly organized by FIN-CLARIN and HELDIG, scheduled yearly, starting in the second period.

Feel free also to contact directly HELDIG coordinator Dr Tech Jouni Tuominen or director prof. Eero Hyvönen, if help is needed.