HiDATA Kick-Off-Event May 29th 2018

Helsinki Centre for Data Science HiDATA is a world-class hub of Data Science in Helsinki and it builds on the pioneering scientific results of the community and paves way for new breakthrough results across disciplines.

HiDATA organizes the Kick-off-Event on Tuesday 29th May, 9:00–15:00, at Tiedekulma – Think Corner, Yliopistonkatu 4, Helsinki. HiDATA event will give you an overview of data science as a new interdisciplinary field focusing on methodologies for extracting knowledge and insights from data thus contributing to different areas of science.

HiDATA kick-off event is free but we have only 200 seats available so please register by 25th May:


HiDATA kick-off event 29th May will have two parts and you may participate in one or two of them

Part one 9.00–12.00

Part two 13.00–15.00

  • 13.00–13.15 Overview for Afternoon Programme, Indrė Žliobaitė, Assistant Professor, University of Helsinki
  • 13.15–15.00 Themes
  1. Data science for society: trends and challenges

    Place: Stage (main floor)

    Chair: Michael Mathioudakis, Assistant Professor, University of Helsinki

    Panelists: Pan Hui - UH, Mikko Kivelä - Aalto, Beata Mäihäniemi - UH, Johanna Sumiala - UH, Otto Toivanen - Aalto and Tuuli Toivonen - UH

  2. Data science for biosciences: trends and challenges

    Place: Basement (one floor down K1)

    Chair: Jaakko Hollmen, Teaching Researcher, Aalto University

    Panelists: Lauri Aaltonen - UH, Keijo Heljanko - Aalto, Antti Honkela - UH, Markus Leskinen - Children's Hospital, Helsinki and Jacqueline Moustakas - UH

  3. Data science for industry: trends and challenges

    Place: Think Lounge (one floor up)

    Chair: Matti Aksela, Vice President, Artificial Intelligence, F-Secure

    Panelists: Markus Ojala - Smartly.io, Ari Rantanen - Tieto, Jukka Remes - IBM, Jukka-Pekka Salmenkaita - Elisa ja Peter Sarlin - Silo.ai

  4. Data science for education: trends and challenges

    Place: Fönster (main floor, next to the shop)

    Chair: Minna Huotilainen, Professor of Educational Sciences, University of Helsinki

    Panelists: Petri Ihantola - UH, Ari Korhonen - Aalto, Marianna Vivitsou - UH and Sari Ylinen - UH

The overarching goal of HiDATA is to leverage the synergies of the network in solving significant societal and industrial challenges related to data analysis. HiDATA is a joint hub of the two participating universities the University of Helsinki and Aalto University and it is supported by the Academy of Finland.

We are also very happy to report that the official HiDATA web site is now open at www.helsinki.fi/hidata

Please contact for more information: maria.linkoaho-nordling@helsinki.fi