Instructions to applicants for professorships

Open positions are announced with a special call for applications. Applications must be submitted electronically and deadline for applications is indicated in the call for applications.
Ap­ply­ing for the po­s­i­tion of pro­fessor at the Fac­ulty of Science

The application (cover letter) must be accompanied by the following enclosures:

  • An academic portfolio compiled according to the instructions approved by the Faculty
  • A list of publications.

Applicants should prepare to submit on request of the Faculty publications of their choice to be sent to assessors after the application period. The maximum number of publications to be sent to the assessors is indicated in the call for applications. The publications must be submitted electronically.

Typically the applicant is expected to select no more than ten publications from their body of work. The applicant must not exceed the set maximum number of publications and must indicate the publications which he or she has selected as the ones to be sent to the assessors by, for example, circling the number of the relevant publication. The publications must be numbered as in the list sent with the application. The Faculty has decided that the summarising report of what is known as an article-based dissertation shall be considered one publication, and each of the published articles contained in the dissertation shall be considered one publication.

The Faculty submits the applicants' full lists of publications to the assessors. The assessors will also be notified that they may receive any publication mentioned in the list on request. Consequently, applicants must be prepared to submit to the Faculty any publication on their list of publications upon the request of the Faculty.

Applicants who cannot deliver their application enclosures as electronic files may request further instructions from the Faculty Office.

Further information can be obtained from the Faculty Office, email or telephone + 358 2941 50030.