The Faculty in numbers

This page contains the key figures for the Faculty’s operations.
Completed degrees

In 2023, the Faculty of Science produced degrees as follows:

Scientific operation

The Department continued its international and active scientific operations in 2023. The number of scientific publications remained high, and the amount of external funding was significant. The number of teaching and research personnel has increased slightly.

International community

The Faculty of Science is international and multidisciplinary. The proportion of international degree students and staff has been growing steadily for several years.

Gender distribution of graduates*
Graduates by study programme

Statistics on graduates by degree programme start from 2021, when University of Helsinki switched to the new degree system.


The Faculty of Science at the University of Helsinki has a staff of about 1280 (situation 2/2024). The following diagrams show the gender distribution of the Faculty staff by career levels, units and the development of gender balance during the past six years. The share of female employees has remained fairly steady, at about 29%.  There are some variation in gender balance between the fields, as the graph by department shows.

Description of career levels:
Career level 1 = doctoral researchers
Career level 2 = postdoctoral researchers
Career level 3 = assistant and associate professors, university lecturers, senior university lecturers, university researchers, senior researchers
Career level 4 = professors, research director

(hover the bars with the cursor for more details)

*Due to our personnel data system, it is currently only possible to  report the gender balance on two genders.