Faculty leadership

The faculty is headed by the Dean, who is elected for four years at a time. The Dean oversees the work of the faculty and is responsible for its finances, general activities, and implementing the HR administration in line with the university’s staff policy. The departments of the faculty are managed by the Heads of Departments, who are elected for four years at a time.

Sasu Tarkoma
Professor of computer science

Responsible for innovations

Dean's secretary, Service Coordinator Taina Hardén 
tel. 0294150502, 0503159915

P.O. 64 (Gustaf Hällströmin katu 2)
00014 University of Helsinki


Samuli Siltanen
Professor of industrial mathematics

Responsible for communication, science education, and alumni activities. Deputy to the dean.


Sami Moisio
Professor of regional planning and policy

Responsible for teaching

Hanna Vehkamäki
Professor of computational aerosol physics

Responsible for sustainable development, international issues, wellbeing, equality, bilingual affairs and principles for facility use.


Heikki Tenhu
Professor in polymer chemistry

Responsible for research, research infrastructures, business cooperation and digitalisation

Faculty Council

Information about the composition, duties, meetings and meeting minutes of the Faculty Council can be found on the intranet (requires you to log in using your University credentials). The minutes are stored after their approval. If you wish to view the minutes, please send a request to the secretary of the Faculty Council.