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Meet the researchers at the Faculty of Pharmacy and explore their research!

On this page you will find news and presentations of researchers at the Faculty of Pharmacy. All research news and press releases of the Faculty of Pharmacy you'll find on the Faculty´s webbpage.

Working for FinPharma

FinPharma is the Finnish platform for pharmaceutical research. FinPharma will provide a unique opportunity to target acute pharmaceutical research questions. Read more about the researchers working for FinPharma.

The inaugural lectures of the new professors

Newly appointed professors are celebrated at the university twice a year. As they take up their new role, each professor holds a public inaugural lecture. Read more about newly appointed professors of the Faculty of Pharmacy. 

Tomi Rantamäki

Tomi Rantamäki investigates rapid-acting treatment options for depression.

Tomi Rantamäki is the professor of molecular pharmacology at the Faculty of Pharmacy.

Mikko Airavaara

Professor Mikko Airavaara is looking for new drugs to treat cerebral infarctions and neurodegenerative diseases.

Mikko Airavaara Professor of pharmacology and drug development 


Timo Laaksonen

What if we had a more effective cancer drug that had less serious adverse effects? Pharmaceutical nanotechnology is looking for answers to this question.

Timo Laak­sonen  Professor of pharmaceutical nanotechnology


Clare Strachan

Understanding the interaction of different types of light with pharmaceutical dosages provides crucial insights for drug development.

Clare Strachan  Professor of pharmaceutical analysis



Päivi Tammela

"Unless antibiotics are further developed, 10 million people will die of infections every year by 2050."

Päivi Tammela Professor of pharmaceutical biology


Vincenzo Cerullo

How can we trick the immune system into seeing tumours as infections?

Vincenzo Cerullo Professor of biological drug development

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