Profile building areas, research networks and projects

The Faculty is part of several strategic profile-building research projects of the University of Helsinki, Academy of Finland Flagships and national and international research networks.

The strategic research themes chosen by the University are put into practice in the Flagship programme of the Academy of Finland and the University’s profile-building areas.

With its extensive expertise in sustainable pharmacy, the University of Helsinki strives to supplement its collaboration with operators in the field.

Profile building areas

Through profile-building projects, the Faculty of Pharmacy boosts its research profile in the University’s strategically chosen research areas. For the Faculty, the key strategic research areas of profile-building projects are the following:

  • Drug research (HiLIFE)
  • Pharmaceutical nanotechnology, drug safety and treatment effectiveness (Matter & Materials, One Health, UHealth)
  • Pharmaceutical drug research (FinPharma)
  • Neuroscience (UHBrain).


Academy of Finland Flagships

The Flagships coordinated by the University of Helsinki combine top-level research and a diverse range of collaboration with businesses and the wider society. The Faculty of Pharmacy participates in the iCAN and GeneCellNano Flagships funded by the Academy of Finland. 

Reseach projects

 Ongoing projects at the Faculty of Pharmacy can be found in University of Helsinki´s Research Portal.


SUDDEN, or Sustainable Drug Discovery and Development with End-of-Life Yield, is a multidisciplinary research consortium dedicated to reducing the environmental impact of pharmaceuticals and supporting sustainable growth in the pharmaceutical industry.

The initiative is being carried out by the University of Helsinki, University of Eastern Finland, Lappeenranta-Lahti University of Technology, Aalto University, the Finnish Environment Institute and think tank Demos Helsinki.

The project, which is running between 2018-2021 and 2022-2023, is funded by the Strategic Research Council of the Academy of Finland.

Nordic POP (patient oriented products)

Nordic POP (patient oriented products) is a Nordic university consortium coordinated by the University of Copenhagen. It aims to provide the scientific foundation for the next generation pharmaceutical products - patient oriented products- by strengthening the use of interdisciplinary approaches within Nordic pharmaceutical sciences.

The research is supported by the NordForsk program Nordic University Hub (project #85352) for the period 2018-2025. The contact person in Faculty of Pharmacy is Leena Peltonen (