Cooperation networks

The Faculty of Law engages in multidisciplinary research cooperation with numerous other units, organisations and disciplines. Faculty has also signed agreements of cooperation and works within cooperation networks of which you can read more below.

The University of Helsinki has several Exchange programmes, please contact the International Exchange Services.

The Faculty of Law is actively involved in research on digitalisation and its impacts. The Faculty cooperates with the HELDIG research network (Helsinki Centre for Digital Humanities).

The Finnish China Law Center, a national institution with nine participating universities, coordinates and develops research and education in Chinese law and Chinese legal culture. The Center is led by Professor Ulla Liukkunen.

Read more on the Center's own website

Faculty of Law has signed an agreement to join Pan-European Seal Professional Traineeship Programme arranged by European Patent Office and European Union Intellectual Property Office. The Pan-European Seal will set up a programme to reach all academic areas, promote the use of both Offices’ online tools amongst university staff and students, help young people access the IP labour market, and encourage multicultural exchange. The Pan-European Seal will provide a framework for early talent detection by offering traineeships that will take place independently in both Offices.

The Faculty of Law and Han Kun Law Offices have signed an Agreement establishing an Exchange Program between the Law Firm and the Faculty of Law.

This Exchange Program provides an opportunity to students to gain legal-practice experience in Beijing, Shanghai or Shenzhen. The Program is a great chance not only for law students interested in legal practice in China, but also for those wishing to gain legal-practice experience in a global context. Han Kun Law Offices is a leading law firm in China, specializing in cross-border transactions, venture capital, private equity and intellectual property. Furthermore, this cooperation aims to establish a platform for communication between legal education in Finland and legal practice in China.