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Part of the University of Helsinki, a top-quality multidisciplinary European university, the Faculty of Law is the leading Finnish institute of legal research and education. The Faculty carries out research and teaching in all fields of law in Finnish, Swedish and English. The Faculty has a staff of approximately 120 researchers and teachers.

The Faculty employs people in the following positions: professor, assistant/associate professor, university lecturer, postdoctoral researcher, university researcher and doctoral student. Any positions vacant at the Faculty are openly announced, usually internationally.

Open positions

We are continually looking for new professionals for a range of teaching, research and support services positions.

Here you can find a link to a list of all of our current job opportunities, and instructions to help you apply.

Open positions at the University of Helsinki

Instructions for applicants to teaching and research positions

Applicants to teaching and research positions in the Faculty of Law are requested to observe the instructions pertaining to CVs, the assessment of teaching skills and lists of publications found on this page.

Qualification requirements for positions are determined according to the Regulations of the University of Helsinki (pdf).

In addition, guidelines set in the rector’s decision HY/125/ on the assessment criteria for assistant/associate professorships and professorships are observed in recruitment.

See the model of the academic portfolio on the University's website.

At the University of Helsinki, teaching skills are assessed when recruiting teaching and research staff, as well as when applying for the title of docent. Teaching skills are assessed as a whole, taking into account pedagogical training and thinking, teaching experience and the development of teaching, experience in thesis and dissertation supervision, the ability to produce learning material, other teaching merits and a demonstration of teaching skills. A five-step scale, in which the grade of Good represents the intermediate level (Regulations on Degrees and the Protection of Students’ Rights, section 37), will be used for the assessment. The assessment of teaching skills is governed by the Regulations of the University of Helsinki.

The requirements of each assessment area are described in the assessment matrix. As the application process progresses, you will be asked to complete an e-form describing your teaching merits.

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In applications for Faculty professorships, the list of publications should comply with the Finnish national classification for publications issued by Ministry of Education and Culture.  

A Peer-reviewed scientific articles

Journal article (refereed), original research; review article, literature review, systematic review; book section, chapters in research books; conference proceedings

NB. Doctoral dissertations (articles) also listed under item G.

B Non-refereed scientific articles

Non-refereed journal article; book section; non-refereed conference proceedings

C Scientific books (monographs)

Book; edited book, conference proceedings or special issue of a journal

NB. Doctoral dissertations (monographs) also listed under item G.

D Publications intended for professional communities

Article in a trade journal; article in a professional manual or guide or professional information system, textbook material; professional conference proceedings; published development or research report or study; textbook, professional manual or guide, dictionary

E Publications intended for the general public, linked to the applicant’s research

Popularised article, newspaper article; popularised monograph

F Public artistic and design activities

Published independent work of art; public partial realisation of a work of art; public artistic performance or exhibition; model or design adopted for production/use

G Theses

Polytechnic thesis, Bachelor’s thesis, Master’s thesis, polytechnic Master’s thesis; Licentiate thesis; doctoral dissertation (monograph); doctoral dissertation (article)

H Patents and invention disclosures

Granted patent; invention disclosure

I Audiovisual material, ICT software

Audiovisual material; ICT software

For each publication, give a complete literature reference, indicating the authors and the title of the article or publication as well as the publisher.

The person performing the university's teaching and research position is required to master the language in which he or she must provide teaching. In universities where a degree can be completed in both Finnish and Swedish, the person performing the teaching and research position is also required to have at least satisfactory oral and written skills in Finnish and Swedish. The University may grant exemption from these language proficiency requirements as laid down in the Code of Conduct.

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Why should you choose the University of Helsinki

The University of Helsinki is Finland’s largest academic institution and one of the world’s leading multidisciplinary universities. Our community of more than 8,000 employees offers extensive career advancement opportunities at different academic career stages. The University of Helsinki provides its staff with high-quality support services and a broad range of benefits.

We offer diverse career opportunities to thousands of researchers and teachers. Our tenure track system is competitive and transparent.