Applying for teaching and research positions

To safeguard the connection between research and teaching, members of the teaching and research staff must both teach and conduct research. The objective of teaching and academic guidance is student-oriented, profound learning that provides a basis for lifelong learning.

Merits in teaching include teaching experience, pedagogical training and skills in the development of learning materials. In addition, teaching skills are assessed on the basis of a demonstration of teaching skills.

Read more about the consideration of teaching skills (pdf in Finnish only)

Assessment of teaching skills

Applicants for a teaching position or the title of docent must enclose an academic portfolio or similar report with the application which allows the teaching skills committee to assess the applicant's teaching skills. The portfolio or similar report must include material and information on each area to be assessed. The committee may ask questions on the written material during the interview in conjunction with the demonstration of teaching skills.

The demonstration of teaching skills is a teaching situation relevant to the position in question, and may take the form of a lecture, seminar supervision, other teaching event, or a combination of the above. However, handing out assignments for a course or a similar teaching session is not admissible as they do not feature teaching with scientific content. A teaching demonstration should not be an expert lecture. The target group for the demonstration is made up of students pursuing intermediate studies at the Bachelor of Laws level, unless the chair of the committee agrees otherwise. The maximum duration of the demonstration of teaching skills is 20 minutes.

Read more: Assessment of teaching skills at the Faculty of Law (pdf in Finnish only)

A teaching skills assessment matrix (pdf in Finnish only) is used when assessing the teaching skills of applicants to teaching and research positions, as well as those of applicants for the title of docent.

The matrix is a check-list intended to provide a frame of reference for applicants to teaching positions on the areas in focus when comparing the teaching skills of applicants.

It is the responsibility of applicants to ensure that the application includes sufficiently detailed documentation on all his or her qualifications which may be relevant to the assessment of teaching skills in the filling of the position in question. The assessors of teaching skills may use the matrix as an aid, but the overall assessment is always based on individual assessment and a comparison of qualifications.

Applications must be accompanied by a complete list of publications complying with the classification of the University of Helsinki publications database (see below). The list of publications should indicate which publications the applicant is submitting for evaluation.

  • A Books
    • A1 Scientific monographs and the doctoral dissertation
    • A2 Scientific monographs published in a University of Helsinki department series
    • A3 Scientific monographs and parts of publication series edited or translated by the applicant
    • A4 Textbooks
    • A5 Non-scientific publications
  • B Articles
    • B1 Scientific articles in refereed scientific journals
    • B2 Articles in scientific anthologies or printed conference proceedings
    • B3 Articles, surveys and editorials in non-refereed scientific journals as well as editorials, surveys and (at the author’s discretion) book reviews in refereed journals
    • B3 Articles in departmental publication series of the University of Helsinki
    • B5 Non-scientific articles