Vaasa Unit of Legal Studies

Legal education at the Vaasa Unit of Legal Studies is part of the Faculty of Law of the University of Helsinki.

Since 1991 the Faculty of Law has maintained a bilingual program of legal study in Vaasa. The students are able to take the Bachelor of Laws degree in Vaasa. In addition, starting from autumn 2010, the students may also take the Master of Laws degree in its entirety in Vaasa.

Students at the Vaasa unit study according to the curriculum of the University of Helsinki’s Bachelor’s Programme in Law and Master’s Programme in Law. Students admitted to Vaasa always complete the Bachelor of Laws degree in Vaasa, while the Master of Laws degree can be completed in either Vaasa or Helsinki.

The instruction in Vaasa, which is located in a bilingual region on the west coast of Finland, is to equal proportions given in Finnish and Swedish.

The Vaasa unit also conducts legal research, with focus areas depending on the researchers active at the unit at any given time.



Visiting address

Tammipiha, 4th Floor

Pitkäkatu 28-30


Mailing address

University of Helsinki / Vaasa Unit of Legal Studies

PO. Box 1010 (Pitkäkatu 28-30)

FI-65101 VAASA



+358 29 41 22278,

+358 50 4762362

The Staff at the Vaasa Unit of Legal Studies
Research and teaching
Other teaching and research staff

Doctoral Researcher Max Malvikko

Coordinating teacher of languages Johanna Dahlin


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