Donors have played an important part in promoting the Faculty’s research and teaching by donating to the University’s fundraising campaign, among other things. We wish to extend a warm thanks to all of them. The donors’ contribution, and the government support linked to it, enabled the Faculty to establish new professorships in copyright law, securities market law, communication law, Nordic law and environmental law (in Finnish).

The financial support we have received has also helped maintain other duties. Responsibilities carried on with donations are a sign of mutual trust, granting the donations more significance than their financial value alone merits. Professorships are a direct way to strengthen teaching and research, and they offer responsible duties to young researchers. They are an investment in the future. The Faculty does not shy away from its responsibilities. It is a pleasure to engage in ever closer cooperation in these fields with parties outside academia.

The culture of donating is still young in Finland, but it is very important to increase its role here too. When the university receives, it can also give something in return. Let’s keep the giving cycle going!

As a donor, you can support research and teaching at the Faculty of Law, for example, by donating through the University funds or by supplying grants or textbooks to students. There is a way for everyone to help put good things into circulation.

The University’s donor pages contain practical advice and further information about donations. The Faculty is happy to answer any questions concerning donations. Vice-Dean Leena Halila ( is in charge of community relations. You may also contact Dean Pia Letto-Vanamo ( ) for further information about the Faculty’s operations and donation opportunities.

The Faculty thanks all its present and future donors!