For business and organisations

Community relations are important to the Faculty. Its national and international cooperation partners, alumni and donors are indispensable resources and contribute to the strong role that society at large plays in the Faculty’s research and teaching.
Several options

In addition to theoretical knowledge, the Faculty’s students need practical skills and competence, as well as guidance based on experience. Would you like to contribute your competence? Contact us at!

Our students have a chance to acquaint themselves with the work of legal professionals in practical skills courses (digitalisation, technology, law and service design). If you have new ideas and suggestions regarding these topics, please contact us at!

You can also apply for the title of docent, which allows you to participate in the Faculty’s activities, deliver teaching, supervise students and examine theses and dissertations.

The Faculty carries out independent continuing education activities, taking responsibility also for the training of practising lawyers in accordance with the idea of continuous learning. In addition to topical sessions, more long-term and recurring training is organised. Besides continuing education events based on commercial principles, training targeted at various cooperation partners or the general public is organised as public events that are free of charge. The operations are developed collaboratively with a range of operators and partners. To a certain degree, Faculty researchers and teachers also contribute as expert lecturers to continuing education events organised by external operators.

Would you like to participate in continuing education activities? Do you have ideas for seminars or courses? Are you interested in cooperating with the Faculty of Law in the field of continuing education? Contact us at!

The Faculty’s degree programmes include practical training, which aims to support theoretical studies, offer students the opportunity to apply in practice the skills and knowledge gained at the Faculty, and provide students with the chance to build professional networks.

Students can complete their practical training by applying for one of the traineeships offered annually through the University’s subsidised job placement system or by independently obtaining a traineeship. What is more, students can choose to complete their practical training either in Finland or abroad.

Would you like to hire our talented students? By offering a traineeship to a student, you can make a significant contribution to learning and studies. Announce open traineeship positions in the University of Helsinki’s JobTeaser job portal. Further information about the training and instructions for announcements are available on the University website.