We fulfil our social responsibility through our basic mission: teaching and research. When developing our operations, we take into account the hopes and expectations of society at large. The Faculty has an advisory committee led by the dean, which includes representatives of the alumni and various interest groups.

The Faculty’s teachers and researchers frequently serve as experts consulted for legislative drafting purposes as well as by the media. We continue to develop our external communication in order to increase our visibility and strengthen our social connections. The Faculty is aware of its responsibility for the standard of expertise and lifelong learning of the legal profession. We incorporate the practical expertise of legal professionals in our degree education.

Fundraising is also part of community relations. The Faculty currently has around ten teaching and research duties that receive funding from outside the University.

The Faculty of Law enjoys dynamic alumni activities, which are part of the University-wide scheme. Our alumni are graduated lawyers who wish to maintain a connection with their Alma Mater. The Faculty annually organises alumni events where participants can exchange views on current issues concerning law and legal sciences, interact with one another, and meet the Faculty’s staff and current students.

In its role as a publisher, the Faculty of Law brings out high-quality scientific monographs, doctoral dissertations and textbooks in its Forum Iuris series.