Instructions to applicants for teaching and research positions

Applicants for professorships within the Faculty are requested to attach to their applications a CV in English. Reference to periods should include only the month and year, not specific dates. Past employment should not be reported with elaborate detail. Employment periods of less than a year may be combined under a single title, such as "Acting Professor, total 8 months, 2009-11, University of…".

  1. Full names
  2. Date and place of birth
  3. Current position and date of appointment
  4. Education and degrees awarded
  5. Previous professional appointments
  6. Research awards, research honours and major stipendiary support for research
  7. Editorial board memberships/editor
  8. Elected memberships in scientific societies
  9. Supervision of research work and postgraduate studies
  10. Other academic and professional activities

At the Faculty of Arts, the teaching skills of applicants for teaching positions are evaluated by the faculty teaching skills committee. Teaching skills are evaluated as a whole, and the results are compiled in a report on teaching skills.

When evaluating the teaching merits of applicants, the faculty teaching skills committee will use the faculty evaluation matrices:

Matrix, pedagogical expertise (pdf)
Matrix, teaching skills (pdf)

Report on pedagogical expertise in application

Applicants for teaching positions are requested to submit a report on pedagogical expertise (teaching philosophy, previous teaching experience, pedagogical skills, the ability to use and develop teaching materials, other teaching merits) or alternatively, an academic portfolio containing equivalent information. See:

Instructions, pedagogical expertise (pdf)

Teaching demonstration

Applicants for a teaching position are requested to perform a teaching demonstration. The demonstration is open for audience. See:

Instructions, teaching skills (pdf)

In applications for Faculty professorships, the list of publications should comply with the Finnish national classification for publications issued by Ministry of Education and Culture (also used in the TUHAT research database of the University of Helsinki).  

A Peer-reviewed scientific articles
Journal article (refereed), original research; review article, literature review, systematic review; book section, chapters in research books; conference proceedings
NB. Doctoral dissertations (articles) also listed under item G.

B Non-refereed scientific articles
Non-refereed journal article; book section; non-refereed conference proceedings

C Scientific books (monographs)
Book; edited book, conference proceedings or special issue of a journal
NB. Doctoral dissertations (monographs) also listed under item G.

D Publications intended for professional communities
Article in a trade journal; article in a professional manual or guide or professional information system, textbook material; professional conference proceedings; published development or research report or study; textbook, professional manual or guide, dictionary

E Publications intended for the general public, linked to the applicant’s research
Popularised article, newspaper article; popularised monograph

F Public artistic and design activities
Published independent work of art; public partial realisation of a work of art; public artistic performance or exhibition; model or design adopted for production/use

G Theses
Polytechnic thesis, Bachelor’s thesis, Master’s thesis, polytechnic Master’s thesis; Licentiate thesis; doctoral dissertation (monograph); doctoral dissertation (article)

H Patents and invention disclosures
Granted patent; invention disclosure

I Audiovisual material, ICT software
Audiovisual material; ICT software

For each publication, give a complete literature reference, indicating the authors and the title of the article or publication as well as the publisher.

Applicants for teaching and research positions may attach an academic portfolio to their application.

  1. Basic information
    Name, birth date, present employer, position title, start date
    Degrees, diplomas and the equivalent
    Previous employment
  2. Qualifications in research and doctoral training
    Honours and awards by scientific societies
    Nature and scope of publications (if not apparent from the List of Publications)
    Positions of scientific expertise
    International activities
    Scope and management of external research funding and projects
    National and international research collaboration
    Competencies in applying research findings
    Coordination of doctoral training or other participation in nationwide doctoral programmes
    Number of postgraduate students
    Postgraduate supervision and teaching methods
    Number of supervised dissertations
    Experience as a dissertation pre‐examiner and opponent
  3. Teaching and supervision
    Applicants for teaching positions are requested to submit a report on pedagogical expertise (teaching philosophy, previous teaching experience, pedagogical skills, the ability to use and develop teaching materials, other teaching merits). For instructions, see: Instructions, pedagogical expertise (pdf)
  4. Other qualifications and merits
    Socially significant elected positions or expert assignments based on academic or pedagogical merit
    Significant elected positions based on academic and pedagogical qualifications, membership in working groups and committees, and other university‐level administrative duties.