The Faculty of Medicine alumni include all current and former students and employees. The Faculty’s goal is to establish an extensive community with alumni of all ages. Being an alumnus or an alumna entails a spirit of community, collegiality and pride in one’s alma mater. As an alumnus or an alumna, you can contribute to the success of the University of Helsinki and its Faculty of Medicine.
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Take advantage of your alumni benefits! Stay sharp by reading science news, network across disciplines at alumni events, strengthen your competence through continuing education. We currently total more than 50,000, making us Finland’s largest network of experts.

Alumni activities at the Faculty of Medicine

Annually we invite faculty members, alumni, partners, and stakeholder representatives of the Faculty of Medicine to hear about current activities and research of the Faculty, and to network in relaxed environment.

The Anniversary Day celebrations took place on January 25, 2023 last time. Next time we will meet us on Jan 31, 2024. Do mark this date already in your calendar and follow our alumni communications!

Warmly welcome!

  • Leena Niemistö 2023
  • Juha Tuominen 2022
  • Jouko Lönnqvist 2020
  • Marjukka Mäkelä 2019
  • Anu Kantele 2018
  • Päivi Hietanen 2017
  • Anu Wartiovaara 2016
  • Jukka Meurman 2015
  • Tari Haahtela 2014
  • Sirpa Asko-Seljavaara 2013
  • Heikki Peltola 2012
  • Krister Höckerstedt 2011


  • Archiater Risto Pelkonen was invited to be an honorary alumnus on 29 October 2011.

HiLIFE Life Science Seminars

The exceptional circumstances also gave a new face to the scientific seminars held on the campus, as the Biomedicum Helsinki Seminars and Viikki Monday seminars joined forces and are now held as HiLIFE webinars. In the academic year 2020–2021, HiLIFE webinars carry on the tradition of bringing outstanding and noteworthy international researchers to present their work in the life sciences.

Further information on upcoming seminars and webinars is available on the HiLIFE website.

Studia Medicina lecture series

Together with the Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa and Biomedicum Helsinki, the Faculty of Medicine organises the Studia Medicina lecture series, which is open to anyone interested in the topics. The lectures focus on different themes and are organised at approximately two-month intervals in the autumn and spring terms. Information on the lectures is provided on the organisers’ websites and in newspaper advertisements. Further information on Studio Medicina is available online (in Finnish only).