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One of Europe’s best and oldest faculties of medicine is located in Helsinki. The Faculty also ranks among the world’s top 100. The research conducted and education provided on Meilahti Campus, as well as the treatment based on these, help identify solutions to global questions of health and wellbeing. You can support us by donating.

Among other things, we strive to solve the mystery of cancer, increase our understanding of the brain and its wellbeing, gain insight into the various dimensions of human metabolism and find cures to inflammatory disorders, an example of which is the coronavirus pandemic. In addition to physicians and dentists, the Faculty educates licensed psychologists and speech therapists. We also train psychotherapists.

We strive to further strengthen our fields of research, make inroads into new fields, as well as develop and apply research-based treatment. Donated assets enable us to recruit top experts in their fields, develop learning environments and the competence of young professionals, as well as support research and new talent in different fields.

Donated assets are also used to fully or partly fund the work of a considerable number of the Faculty’s professors, and the assets also enable us to annually offer tens of thousands of scholarships and grants to researchers and students. Effective collaboration will help find answers to big, common questions.

How to donate

Make a donation online

You can also support us by paying your donation to the account of the University of Helsinki Funds.

Nordea: IBAN = FI15 1660 3001 0767 70, BIC = NDEAFIHH

Recipient: University of Helsinki Funds

Message: Name of the fund or the project, name of the donor and contact information

For donations over 850 euros or more we kindly ask you to send us a deed of donation.

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Donations have a significant impact on the faculty
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When you donate to a professorship, you help support the pioneering nature of an important research field or the creation of an entirely new one. Thank you donors and partners!

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