Faculty of Law blog: Changes in admissions from the legal education perspective

The nature of entrance examinations is changing from measuring legal knowledge to demonstrating more general study skills, writes Dean Johanna Niemi. This entry kicks off a new blog where the dean of the Faculty comments on current topics in the field of law.

The Finnish student admission system is changing. The admissions to the bachelor programs will be reformed. The reform plan does not concern admission to Master programs. 

Today, about one half of the students are selected on basis of high school diplomas, and the other half on basis of discipline specific admission tests. In March 2024, the reform project presented its plan. Instead of 120 admission tests, the selection would be done on basis of just nine tests. According to the reform plan, law faculties would design their admission tests together with programs in administration, social work, social science and communication studies. However, the law faculties would still require some readings before taking the test, and the test would include some specific questions about law. The reform is a big cultural change discussed at the moment within the university community. 

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