Research quality

Faculty develops and supports research activities.

The Faculty of Educational Sciences has had an international Strategic Advisory Board (SAB) since 2020. The purpose of the SAB is to support the strategic development of the Faculty towards the cutting-edge of international educational research and teaching. SAB serves as support for the Faculty’s management and critical partner in developing the Faculty’s activities.

As a rule, the term of office of the SAB members is four years. Four to six experts with faculty-relevant expertise in both educational research and education, as well as assessment and leadership roles in the field are invited to the SAB Group.

The members of the SAB for the period 2024–2027 are:

  • Viv Ellis, Professor, Dean of the Faculty of Education, Monash University
  • Alison Fuller, Emeritus Professor of Vocational Education and Work, University College London, Faculty of Education and Society
  • Lin Goodwin, Professor, Boston College 
  • Geert Kelchtermans, Professor, Head of the Centre for Innovation and the Development of Teacher and School, KU Leuven

The University of Helsinki defines quality as expedient operations and high-quality results.

In the latest research assessment of the University of Helsinki the scientific quality of research at the Faculty of Education was assessed "Excellent", societal impact of research "Excellent, even outstanding" and research environment and unit viability "Very good to excellent".

The University of Helsinki scores highly in international comparisons of research and teaching in the educational sciences: it is among the leading Nordic and European universities and around the top 50 in the world.