Policy of the Faculty of Educational Sciences on teacher traineeships

Teacher traineeships in educational institutions and kindergartens during the coronavirus outbreak.

Updated on 3 April at 3 pm:

The students who have signed up for teaching practices this spring, have been informed via e-mail on Friday April 3rd about the different solutions for completing their practice.

Updated on 31 March at 5.50 pm:

In the press conference by the Finnish government on 30.3.2020, the Minister of Education and Culture Li Andersson announced that the exceptional teaching arrangements will continue until 13.5.2020. It is also possible, that this will continue until the end of spring semester. According to the Minister, it is especially important to make sure, that graduating is enabled for those students who would be graduating this spring.

In this recently changed situation, the Faculty of Educational Sciences will do everything in order to enable the graduation of those students, who were going to graduate in the spring 2020. Regarding the practicums, we will prepare for this in a meeting on 1.4.2020 with those faculty members who are responsible for practicums. We will be in touch with the student teachers. Please, follow also the Students' guidelines.

Information published on March 30 at 7 am:

On 16th March 2020, the Faculty of Educational Sciences has decided to suspend the teacher traineeships. The decision has been made in the context of the Finnish government's announcement of exceptional circumstances and the decision to close schools and educational institutions and to curtail the operations at kindergartens. The exceptionally strong actions were justified by the need to slow down the epidemic, protect those at risk groups and ensure health care capacity for those in need of intensive care.

The faculty has made the same choice: we are on the side of the weak. Guided traineeships that require large numbers of close contacts are suspended. This protects children, students, teachers and tutors at risk groups, as well as our students.

The faculty bears the responsibility for suspending the traineeships so that the individual kindergarten, school, community, tutor or student does not have to think about ways of acting in the situation.

Equal treatment for all the trainees 

The transition of educational institutions to exceptional circumstances and different forms of telecommuting has been an experience that has created new ways of working but it has also demanded a great effort from everyone. The reserves of strength of those guiding the training have been put to the test, specifically for children and younger students.

The capacities and opportunities for telecommuting have proven to be varied in training facilities, which would mean unequal training conditions and varying quality of guidance as the training continues. 

The situation in Uusimaa can change rapidly, and staff illnesses at kindergartens, educational institutions and at university would require a variety of special guidance arrangements.

It is very important that every kindergarten, school and educational institution along with their teachers has time to adapt to the rapid change. It is also fair that more than 600 of our trainees receive, in exceptional cases, equal treatment.

Teacher traineeships will be continued as soon as possible

Teacher traineeships will continue this spring, if possible, or next autumn. The faculty monitors the situation and makes decisions as the situation progresses.

Those trainees who have at least 50% of their training hours completed before the suspension of the trainings will receive a tailor-made replacement to complete their training this spring. The replacement is agreed upon with the student's supervisor.

All trainees postponed to autumn are guaranteed training opportunities. Special attention will be given to students whose graduation is delayed.

Traineeships completed outside educational institutions may continue as long as the employer permits it and it is possible.

Students are advised to complete all the studies available during the spring.

More information: Vice dean for study affairs at the Faculty of Educational Sciences Anu Laine, anu.laine@helsinki.fi, phone. 050 318 39 20 

More information for students

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