Practical instructions of the Faculty of Educational Sciences for the exceptional circumstances

The University of Helsinki has implemented exceptional emergency measures due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Page updated on 18 May 2020.

Latest information for students

1. General instructions for students at the University of Helsinki

2. Additional instructions for students issued by the Faculty of Educational Sciences

3. Policy of the Fac­ulty of Edu­ca­tional Sciences on teacher train­ee­ships (published on 30th March 2020, updated on 31st March 2020 and 3rd April 2020)

The instructions will be updated as the situation changes. The monitoring group (response centre) of the Faculty of Educational Sciences will carefully follow the situation.

Please note that, as of 16 March 2020, all information on the coronavirus outbreak can be found on the University of Helsinki’s external webpages through the links above. Flamma and the Faculty’s email lists will no longer be used for this purpose.