Auli Toom conducts research to promote high-quality teaching

Education provided by the University influences the quality of the upbringing and teaching received by future generations, making research in university teaching and learning worthwhile.

What are your research topics?

I am investigating students’ learning and teachers’ skills at various levels of education and in different scientific fields in university education. The professional role of teachers and pedagogical practices in supporting students’ learning are at the core of my research. My most long-term research topic is teacher training.

Where and how does the topic of your research have an impact?

My research has far-reaching effects. At universities, we train specialists in many fields who move on to professional life supported primarily by the learning gained during their university studies.

It is really significant how and what students learn when studying and how teachers are able to teach them and support their learning.

What is particularly inspiring in your field right now?

In my field, I find inspiration particularly in the opportunities provided by new tools in investigating learning and teaching as well as their interaction, the development of new research methods and, of course, new research findings.

Research collaboration with junior researchers and skilled senior colleagues is another great source of inspiration. There is always something new to learn from them, and I feel that I also have a lot to give them.


Auli Toom is the professor of higher education at the Centre for University Teaching and Learning, Faculty of Educational Sciences.

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