New Professors

University of Helsinki celebrates new professors twice a year towards the end of term. By tradition Inauguration is always a Wednesday, either the last in May or the first in December. After greeting briefly the University leadership every professor gives his/her inaugural lecture of about 20 minutes.

This autumn inauguration lectures will be on the 5th of December. See the programme of the event.

Live Broadcasts

Sali 6:  Jutta Jokiranta,  Jari Eloranta and Jukka Pirttilä
Sali 12: Antti Kauppinen, Anne Kouvonen and  Jaakko Husa
Runeberg-sali: Reetta Toivanen, Johanna Viimaranta and Volker Heyd
Konsistorinsali: Minna Autio, Keijo Heljanko and Gareth Law
Pieni juhlasali:  Iiris Hovatta, Mirja Ruohoniemi and Juhani Taponen 
Inauguration ceremony at the Great Hall: Address Kaarle Hämeri, Inaugural Lecture: Mirjam Kalland, Introduction of the new professors