New Professors

University of Helsinki celebrates new professors twice a year towards the end of term. By tradition Inauguration is always a Wednesday, either the last in May or the first in December. After greeting briefly the University leadership every professor gives his/her inaugural lecture of about 20 minutes.

Videos from inauguration lectures on 5 December 2018

 Jutta Jokiranta,  Jari Eloranta and Jukka Pirttilä
Antti Kauppinen, Anne Kouvonen and  Jaakko Husa
Reetta Toivanen, Johanna Viimaranta and Volker Heyd
Minna Autio, Keijo Heljanko and Gareth Law
Iiris Hovatta, Mirja Ruohoniemi and Juhani Taponen 
Inauguration ceremony at the Great Hall: Address Kaarle Hämeri, Inaugural Lecture: Mirjam Kalland, Introduction of the new professors

List of new professors