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The University of Helsinki is home to world-class education and research in educational sciences. The Faculty of Educational Sciences also plays a strong role in the development of the Finnish education system and as an expert disseminator of Finnish educational competence around the world. The learning and wellbeing of children and young people are invaluable to society.
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Donated assets enable us to promote educational sciences of the future and support students with grants. The latest initiatives in educational sciences made possible by donated assets include the establishment of Swedish-language class teacher education, complete with a professorship, as well as the post of an assistant professor in technology education. 

How to donate

Students of educational sciences and those pursuing the teaching profession can be supported in many ways, for example, by organising an anniversary fundraising campaign or donating at regular intervals. You can direct your donation to an existing fund in the field of educational sciences or determine a personal donation target.

Donated professorsships