Aleksanteri Institute integrated into the Faculty of Arts

The Aleksanteri Institute, the national centre of research on Russia and Eastern Europe, was integrated into the Faculty of Arts as an independent institute in the beginning of this year.

The Aleksanteri Institute develops, carries out and coordinates multidisciplinary research and education on Russia, Eastern Europe and Central Asia as well as coordinates the Academy of Finland Centre of Excellence in Russian Studies 2012–2017.

The Aleksanteri Institute also focuses on community interaction and maintains an established position as a partner to political decision-makers, public administration, the business world and the NGO sector. The latest example of such activities is the RussiaHUB Helsinki consortium, which combines expertise on Russia from in and around the Helsinki region.

“Finland is a top authority in Russian studies. The new administrative solution enables even closer cooperation between the Aleksanteri Institute and the Faculty of Arts in terms of both research and teaching,” states Arto Mustajoki, Dean of the Faculty of Arts.

“The integration creates synergy and further enhances the significance of the University’s expertise in Russian studies. It will move us towards our goal of setting the agenda in international research discourse. We will continue to serve as a facilitator across faculty and campus lines in order to offer solutions to global challenges such as climate change or current security policy,” explains Markku Kivinen, Director of the Aleksanteri Institute.