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Visiting Fellows Research Seminar
Sergey Glebov: In Search of Russian Modernity: Jakobson, Eurasianism, and the Making of Early Structuralism

Visiting Fellows Research Seminar
Christine Engel: The Lure of Eurasianism and its Traces in Recent Russian Films

Aleksanteri Conference
Culture and Russian Society

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Welcome to the Aleksanteri Institute!

The Aleksanteri Institute functions as a national centre of research, study and expertise pertaining to Russia and Eastern Europe, particularly in the social sciences and humanities. The Institute promotes cooperation and interaction between the academic world, public administration, business life and civil society, both in Finland and abroad.

Aleksanteri Insight 2/2015: History of Ukrainian statehood

The history of Ukrainian statehood has always been closely interlinked with Russian statehood, contributing to Russia's attitude to Ukraine, writes Jeremy Smith in issue 2/2015 of Aleksanteri Insight.

South Caucasus beyond Borders


The South Caucasus beyond Borders, Boundaries and Division Lines: Conflicts, Cooperation and Development is the final publication of the research project with the same name that was part of the security cluster of the Wider Europe Initiative.

The report was edited by researcher Mikko Palonkorpi.

ISBN 978-951-51-0018-4, 241 p.
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New in Aleksanteri Cold War Series


Nordic Cold War Cultures. Ideological Promotion, Public Reception and East - West Interactions  is the second volume in the Aleksanteri Cold War Series. The book, edited by Valur Ingimundarson and Rósa Magnusdottir, explores representations of the cultural Cold War in the five Nordic countries.

ISBN 978-951-51-0019-1, 214 p. 
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Aleksanteri Conference 2015: Culture and Russian Society

The 15th Aleksanteri Conference Culture and Russian Society will take place in Helsinki from Oct 21 to 23, 2015.

The conference invites proposals for panels and papers which focus on the cultural challenges and intellectual choices Russia and its diverse population face today. We welcome scholars from all fields in humanities, social and political sciences to contribute to the investigation of the role of cultural analysis in enriching our understanding of Russia’s recent developments.

Keynote speakers of the conference are Catriona Kelly, Vlad Strukov, Vera Tolz, Elena Vartanova, Michael Gorham and Evert van der Zweerde.

The deadline for proposals is 17 May 2015.

Detailed instructions and links to electronic submission forms are available at

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