What can you do with a humanities degree?

Humanities graduates have a thorough knowledge of languages and cultures, understand different meanings of phenomena and appreciate the diversity of human experience. Humanities graduates have the skills required for a variety of jobs.
Humanities graduates have knowledge and understanding

While some students graduating from the Faculty of Arts have a defined career path, for example, as teachers or translators, many graduates possess transferable skills that equip them for a wide range of careers.

Humanities education is, by nature, timeless, because the knowledge and skills acquired during studies can be used flexibly, regardless of how jobs may change over time. Humanities graduates are prepared to live in a changing world and to help change the world.

During your studies, you will acquire knowledge and skills central to your field. You will also develop your analytical and critical thinking skills as well as your argumentation and written communication skills, and will enhance your ability to prepare presentations based on extensive and diverse resources. You will improve your ability to interact with others and your skills in group and project work. In all, you will acquire knowledge and skills that support your independent professional development, learn skills required in different jobs, and be able to identify and describe your expertise.