Lassi Ahlvik - New associate professor in environmental and resource economics

Lassi Ahlvik started as an associate professor in environmental and resource economics at the beginning of August 2020. His research deals broadly with environmental cost-benefit analysis and optimal climate policy design.

Before joining the University of Helsinki and the Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry, Ahlvik worked as an assistant professor at the Norwegian School of Economics in Bergen. He obtained his doctoral degree from Aalto University in 2016. The topic of his dissertation was “Essays on Long-Term Cost-Benefit Analysis and the Environment”.

“I first got involved in environmental economics while still an engineering student at Aalto University. I became interested in the Baltic Sea, and how economics could help in designing policies to improve the state of the sea," Ahlvik says.

Since then Ahlvik has continued to work at the intersection of environmental and public economics. His recent work has addressed how to design climate policies, such as carbon taxes or emissions trading schemes, when governments have limited public funds.

"I am interested in how the design of the climate policies being rolled out meets the goals of the Paris Agreement. My goal is to understand how both deepening the existing policies and widening the set of climate policies can contribute to achieving these objectives."

In Bergen Ahlvik was teaching a wide portfolio of courses, with topics ranging from macroeconomics to applied game theory. His future teaching will focus on his main area of interest, as Ahlvik will be teaching environmental economics courses within the Bachelor’s Programme in Environmental and Food Economics (YET) and the Master’s Programme in Agricultural, Environmental and Resource Economics (AGERE).

“The Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry is a very exciting interdisciplinary working environment bringing together researchers focusing on various aspects of environmental sustainability. I look forward to joining the Environmental and Resource Economics research group at the University of Helsinki and meeting both my new colleagues and students of environmental economics in Viikki.”

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