Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry awards in 2023 to Department of Economics and Management

The Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry granted its teaching award to Leena Rantamäki-Lahtinen, research award to Lassi Ahlvik and influence award to Markku Ollikainen. The awards were presented on 13 December.

Teaching award to Senior University Lecturer Leena Rantamäki-Lahtinen

The Teaching Award 2023 went to Senior University Lecturer Leena Rantamäki-Lahtinen for her exemplary teaching approach in support of student progress.

She is praised for promoting student wellbeing and inclusivity in the role of both teacher and supervisor. She supports student learning in many ways, is available to students when needed, treats them as individuals and helps them make choices at key points in their studies. Her teaching is easy to follow and she offers a great deal of material supporting learning. In this time when people meet each other less often and students may be left alone with their problems, Rantamäki-Lahtinen’s approach to teaching is all the more important.

Research award to Associate Professor Lassi Ahlvik

The Research Award 2023 was granted to Associate Professor Lassi Ahlvik, who in September received the European Research Council’s Starting Grant, intended for promising early-career researchers with leadership potential.

Considering Ahlvik’s career stage, his recent achievements are significant: he has received highly sought-after research funding, collaborated with partners in Finland and published in a highly important and topical field. His research, including the ERC-funded project ‘Green tax reform for a just climate transition’, addresses current social issues.

Influence award to Professor Emeritus Markku Ollikainen

The Influence Award 2023 was presented to Research Director Markku Ollikainen, Professor Emeritus of Environmental Economics, for his distinguished and long-term contributions as chair of the Finnish Climate Change Panel.

Ollikainen assumed the role of panel chair in 2014 and is set to relinquish it at the end of this year. He has significantly influenced Finnish climate policy, enabling the input of scientists. As panel chair, he has collaborated actively and open-mindedly with a wide range of stakeholders. Ollikainen is also a widely featured guest, commentator and contributor in the media, seminars and other events.

Annual Faculty awards for outstanding work

The Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry has a tradition of bestowing annual awards for outstanding work and achievements: the teaching award since 2008, the influence award since 2013 and the research award since 2019. Nominations for recipients are requested from the whole Faculty community. Based on the nominations, an award committee led by the vice-dean for academic affairs, the research committee and the public engagement committee propose the recipients to the Faculty dean.