Health sciences and translational medicine are fields with growing importance as the population ages and the costs of new therapies steadily increase.

Around 40% of our graduates have been directly employed within the private sector in Finland or abroad. Recruitment to such enterprises occurs both at the graduate (MSc) and postgraduate (PhD) levels. More than half of TRANSMED graduates continue to doctoral studies either in Finland or abroad.

Graduate statistics

More than 50% of TRANSMED graduates continue their studies in doctoral programmes. TRANSMED graduates are also highly valued in the private sector. Almost 40 % of the graduates have been employed directly by bioindustry, pharma or other health sector enterprises either in Finland or abroad. The job titles include for example:

  • product manager
  • product specialist
  • personalised health care manager
  • clinical research associate
Career services

Building your career begins already during your studies. At the beginning of your TRANSMED studies, you participate on a Career Development course, where the experts of the Career Services at the University of Helsinki give you a start in concidering your own career choices.

The Career Services provide career guidance and counselling, courses and events, and facilitation of mentoring groups until one year after graduation.

Read more in Career Services at the University of Helsinki.

HelsinkiUNI International Talent Programme (HITP)

Would you like to build a career in Finland? Do you want to build professional networks during your studies and get valuable insight into Finnish working life? In TRANSMED, you can apply for the HelsinkiUNI International  Talent Programme (HITP).  

HITP is a group mentoring programme where Finnish companies and international students are brought together to share ideas and to learn from each other. 

What will you gain from HITP? 

  • You are assigned a mentor from a Finnish company or organization.
  • You will receive support in growing your network among both professionals and fellow students.
  • When the HITP has been completed, the goal is that cooperation can continue between the student and the company if both parties wish to do so. 
  • HelsinkiUNI International Talent Programme
Language skills for career

Although it is easy for international students to get by with English in the Helsinki region and in academic environments, learning Finnish will significantly expand your career options after graduation.

The University of Helsinki offers free Finnish language courses for enrolled international degree students. You can include up to 10 cr of Finnish language studies (or English) to your degree.

Information about the Finnish courses for international students in the Instructions for students.

Alumni of the University of Helsinki

After graduation, the world is wide open and full of possibilities. How can you venture forward to make the career path you want? What kind of work would you like to do? What kind of life should you lead? The Helsinki alumni community is there to support you as you transition from the University to the world of work.

All previous University of Helsinki degree and exchange students, as well as staff, are our alumni. As a member of the University of Helsinki alumni network, Finland’s largest network of experts, you get valuable support, knowledge and contacts for your working life.

More information about the Helsinki alumni community and its activities.

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