Research Projects in Global Governance Law

University-level teaching at the University of Helsinki, one of the world’s leading multidisciplinary research universities, is always based on the latest research results.

At the Faculty of Law, the researchers and teachers of the Master's Programme in Global Governance Law are internationally recognised and highly accomplished academics. The Faculty’s existing research strengths include both international and European law through a combination of dogmatic, comparative, empirical, theoretical and historical studies of law.

In addition to conducting research in legal fields (such as private law, criminal law, procedural law, international law and administrative law), the Faculty often collaborates with researchers from other disciplines on specific themes, such as globalisation, digitalisation and sustainable development. Several research units and projects also operate at or in connection with the Faculty.

Focus areas of research

Legal research recognises the law as necessarily connected with political, economic, social and juridical power. Legal doctrinal research is increasingly problem-based research done across the boundaries of traditional fields of law. The critical analysis of law sees legal norms, reasoning, practices and institutions as part of the normative and social reality.

The existing research strengths include:

  • International and European law
  • The increasing combination of dogmatic, comparative, empirical, theoretical and historical studies of law
  • Problem-oriented research carried out across both the traditional branches of law and the disciplines of science
  • The contribution of the critical analysis of law to the transfer of ideas, mutual learning and the overall development of the living conditions of people
  • The wide network of international partnerships in legal research.

The present focus areas of research are:

  • Law across boundaries and globalising law
  • National legal system and its Nordic characteristics and European connections
  • Law, digitalisation and technology
  • Law and sustainability
  • Law, security, welfare and privacy
  • Legal basis and regulation of markets and business

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Erik Castrén Institute

The Erik Castrén Institute promotes research on public international law, transnational and European law and human rights from broad, heterodox and critical perspectives. ECI organises a variety of events, houses research projects, and offers university teaching and supervision in its fields of interest.

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Finnish China Law Center

The Finnish China Law Center,  which coordinates and supports research and education related to Chinese law and legal culture in Finland. The Center conducts independent research on Chinese law and legal culture and support that of its member institutions, all in close cooperation with Chinese counterparts.

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Legal Tech Lab

The Legal Tech Lab, an on-profit interdisciplinary project at the Faculty of Law, which examines and experiments on legal tech and digitalization of legal practices. The Lab’s objective is to raise awareness about the possibilities of legal tech, provide critical insights into technology and create a one-stop-shop for academic and practical information on digitalization of legal practices both nationally and globally.

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