Welcome to study Changing Education
The Master’s Programme in Changing Education (CE) invites our newly admitted students starting their studies in autumn 2022 to take a moment to explore this page and get to know us better. Our staff, students and faculty welcome you!

The admission results (application round from 1 Dec 2021 to 12 Jan 2022) are sent to the applicants no later than 14 Apr 2022 by email. The results can also be found in the My Studyinfo -service.

Welcome from the programme

Greetings from the Changing Education Master’s Programme team! We warmly welcome all our newly selected students to the programme!

Our programme is amongst the most popular International Master’s Programmes at the University of Helsinki when it comes to the number of applications.

Our faculty is also very proud to be ranked 22nd — even higher than in previous years — in the QS World University Subject Rankings for 2021. We are the highest-ranked European faculty of educational sciences in a non-English-speaking country.

We are already planning and preparing everything to be ready for you to start your studies in the autumn, and are eagerly waiting to get to know all of you.

Studying Changing Education

Studying in the programme will involve different types of teaching and learning arrangements ranging from engaging learning environments in the Minerva Plaza, traditional and digital learning environments as well as some experimental new ways of learning such as this course on the brain and learning in a spinning room that we did a while back. Our facilities for distant learning are excellent, allowing us to manage also unexpected situations.

Since we are studying education, we have a meta-level in our teaching. All of our students are also studying their own learning. We provide very basic data on your individual learning to you such as statistics on accessing learning materials, engaging in learning events, and also possibilities for a more thorough data collection including individual physiological data collection if you want. We offer the students the possibility to test Firstbeat for stress, recovery and physical activity studies, Oura for sleep, stress and exercise and Moodmetrics for mood and stress.

Your studies in the programme will view educational systems as a whole, in all age ranges from early childhood education to continuous education, in all groups of individuals including those in marginalized positions, in all decision making levels from families and individual teachers and learners to municipal, national and international decision making on education. This comprehensive view is made possible by enabling exciting visits and training both in Finland and abroad.

Student organisations and communities

One Step Ahead (OSA) is the faculty’s first international student association founded by our first-year students. Their mission is to create a community focused on research-based improvement of education.

Other important student organisations for the CE students include:

The Changing Education online media platform is a hub for discussion on groundbreaking research in education and a space for inspiring interviews with experts. All from a Changing Education perspective.

The platform was created by One Step Ahead ry (OSA), the international student association of the Faculty of Educational Sciences.

Meet our students and the teaching staff

For questions about studying in the programme and student life in Helsinki, you can chat directly with some of our students to get answers (but please contact the Admission Services for questions related to the admissions):

You can also check the current board of OSA (the student association of the program) through this link.

Please take note of the following meeting dates: 

Educafé for Admitted Students:
Date: 23 May 2022
Time: 15:30 to 16:30
Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 683 3016 7491
Passcode: 152571

Start of Academic Year:
Date: 15 August 2022
Time: 15:30 to 16:30
Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 683 3016 7491
Passcode: 152571 

Learning environments

Minerva Plaza allows inspiring learning together.

For those students who intend to work in the laboratory-based neuroscientific research, please see the information of the Cognitive Brain Research Unit facilities.

CICERO Learning is a network of research in the areas of learning, brain and technology and offers our students facilities for state-of-the-art learning studies.

AGORA brings together scholars from a wide variety of multidisciplinary backgrounds, who share an interest in critical theories and methodologies in education. Members of AGORA are interested in questions such as social justice, equality, differences, power, global issues, collectivism and multiplicity.

Preparing for your studies

Moving to a new country can be challenging. Besides the difficulty of adjusting to new surroundings that are, in most cases, different from what you are used to and the culture shock that one may experience in a foreign country, there is also the issue of administration, accommodation, living expenses, and adjustment to a new education system, in the case of students. It is for these reasons that one needs to be fully prepared before moving to a new country.

If you are from the European Union, the situation might be easier for you than non-EU students. For those from outside the EU, the first thing to consider is a residence (study) permit. A residence permit is required for studies in Finland. Therefore, you should start applying for the permit as soon as you have confirmed your study place. You will get more information regarding this from the university’s admissions services and from the nearest Finnish Embassy in your country.  For accommodation, you can apply for student apartments via HOAS. You can find more information on the HOAS website.

Take note that the cost of living in Finland might be higher so you need to plan your finances accordingly. It is always wise to look for a source of funding once you have accepted your study place. The average amount required for living in Finland may be found at migri.fi which is the same site you visit when applying for the residence permit. Also take note that upon arrival, it will be advantageous to open a bank account at one of the local banks and to register your address with Digital Population Registration Office (DVV). Your student tutors will give you more guidance on these matters.

Start planning your studies once you have registered as an attending student and are in the process of travelling to Finland for the commencement of the academic year. There is a possibility of doing an internship abroad or in Finland after your first year of studies. If you are considering an internship, plan for it accordingly. Most of the courses in the Changing Education master’s programme are research-based. Although you won’t be conducting research in every course except for your master's thesis, it is important that you brush up on the research methods you learned during your bachelor’s studies. You should also practice reading and dissecting academic text as you will spend a lot of time reading research articles.

During the orientation week, you will also receive support from your tutors and the CE team to make the start of your studies and moving process as smooth as possible!

Orientation and tutoring

The teaching officially starts on 31 August 2022, but you should participate in the orientation activities for the new students already before the classes begin. You will be assigned to a tutor group led by a senior student, or student tutor. You will learn more about studying in our programme and get support with administrative matters. This will make it easier for you to start your studies and life in Helsinki.

The detailed information concerning the orientation and student tutors will be published in the Instructions for students latest in mid-August. During summer,  you will also find on the same page the welcome letter by the tutors concerning some information about the orientation week. Prepare for a full week of orientation and introduction sessions.

Hel­sinki­UNI In­ter­na­tional Tal­ent Pro­gramme

The international students in the Master's Programme in Changing Education can apply to the HelsinkiUNI International Talent Programme. It is designed to support international students in building professional networks in Finland and to gain insight into local working life. Students take part by attending monthly group meetings with a company mentor for a period of seven months. During the programme, the University Career Services also provides training in career management skills.

Contacts and useful links

If you have questions related to the admissions and accepting your study place, please contact the Admission Services.

If you have questions regarding the content of the programme, courses or studies, please contact the Student Services at the Fac­ulty of Educational Sci­ences.

You can follow the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation at the University of Helsinki on our website.