Research in the field of education

University-level teaching at the University of Helsinki, one of the world’s leading multidisciplinary research universities, is always based on the latest research results.

Also in the Master's Programme in Changing Education, the content of the courses is research-driven and based on the world-class research conducted by the researchers and research communities in the Faculty of Educational Sciences.

The Faculty of Educational Sciences at the University of Helsinki is well known for its expertise in studies on social justice and diversity in education, including sociological, cultural, psychological, philosophic, gender studies perspectives, as well as the use of educational psychology and neuroscientific insights.

Research focus areas

Research at the Faculty of Educational Sciences at the University of Helsinki focuses on human growth, development, behaviour and learning. The researchers examine their topics from various perspectives, including the social, communal and individual. Research objects are educational systems, learning environments and learners. The research aims towards the realisation of cultural and social possibilities for the wellbeing of an individual and a society in a changing world.

Research focus areas:


  • Education, society and culture: Finnish schools and education policy, schooling and education, work, organisations and development, action, agency and inclusion, equality, gender and global responsibility, skills, design and art in variable forms

  • Learning and interaction: Curriculum design, learning, teaching, learning environments, learning how to learn, learning difficulties, development, interaction, innovative methods, discipline-based learning or subject didactics, community learning and expertise

Researchers and research communities

The Faculty of Education Sciences has many types of research organisations, including research units, centres, projects and groups.

The umbrella organisation for all the groupings includes eight research communities:

(1) Centre for edu­ca­tional as­sess­ment, (2) Di­versity, mul­ti­lin­gual­ism and so­cial justice in education, (3) Education and society, (4) Education, teach­ing and teacher education, (5) Hu­man­it­ies and so­cial sci­ences education, (6) Learn­ing, culture and in­ter­ven­tions, (7) Learn­ing research and edu­ca­tional psy­cho­logy, and (8) Maker culture, design learn­ing and technology.

More information about the research communities at the Faculty of Educational Sciences.

In the University of Helsinki Research Portal you can find researchers’ profiles, publications and contact information.

Additional information on all the staff who make up our department.

Networks and collaborations

The Faculty of Educational Sciences has an extensive co-operation network in Finland and many significant international partners. In addition to conducting academic research, researchers and research groups are involved in many development programmes, projects and networks.

Find out more about the co-operation network of the Faculty at the Educational Sciences.

Doctoral education

At the Faculty of Educational Sciences, doctoral education provides interesting dissertation project opportunities for students pursuing a doctoral degree.

Doctoral education at the Faculty of Educational Sciences.